42 Purification Prayers

Prayers from the 42 Purifications
Rev Raheriwesir

These prayers are based on some of the discussion which was done on the House of Netjer forum boards. I wrote them as a means of reflecting on the meaning of the purification and contemplating a deeper mystery, what it means to be a good person.

Purification #1
Ma’at, Feather of Truth, Lady of Justice, may my heart not be heavy.
Let it not crash to the ground from the weight of isfet.
May my heart not obliterate the scales and let the Uncreated prevail.
May my heart not be so light to fly off the scale into Ammit’s mouth.
May my heart be even with the scales of justice.
May my heart be balanced like the essence of the goddess herself,
so that I may be True of Voice before the tribunal of the gods.

Purification #2
Spirits of the land. Spirits of Netjer.
O Netjeri I honor you in the river, the pastures, the timber, and the brisk of the breeze.
Let me always be aware of what Netjer has allowed me to use and borrow.
For I own no thing, all are gifts from the gods.
May I always be pure in the sight of the gods.
May I always bring respect to the spirits in all things.
May I recognize them, commune with them, and befriend them always as a child of Netjer.

Purification #3
Many times throughout the day, there is ignorance in my heart.
In my ignorance: anger, hatred, and greed creep into my mind.
It attempts to control me, distort who I truly am, and separate me from my brothers and sisters.
Djehuty, Heart of Ra, enlighten my heart with Your knowledge.
Drive the ignorance from my mind.
So often I harbor enemies in my heart, words, deeds, and inaction.
Help me Beaky-one so that I may peck out these faults
so that I can say honestly and completely, “I harbor no enemies,” not even the ones in my own heart.

Purification #4
Remain far from me Ammit!
Remain far from me Ammit!
Remain far from me Ammit!
Remain far from me Ammit!
Keep the second death away from my ka!
For I am just. I do what is right, and turn my back to what is wrong.
My life is ma’at.
My death is ma’at.
All I am is ma’at.

Purification #5
Sokar, watch over the Akhu.
May their names be spoken.
May their tables be filled with the finest food and drink.
May their stories always be told.
Lord of Rosetjau, may the honored ones always have a home in my life and heart.
May the memories of their voice, touch, and smell always remain alive in my memories, where they will live forever.

Purification #6
Twin Lions of Tem, help me to improve all forms of my communication with others.
My speech and communication are essential just like air and water; like Shu and Tefnut. Allow me not to surround my body with distortion and illusion;
the air becomes toxic and the water poisoned.
Life cannot continue in this way.
Instead, lift me up!
Let illusion fade away!
Let falsehood disappear!
so that I too may be True of Voice.

Purification #7
Wepwawet, open the way for me.
Open the way so I may look beyond the Seen.
Open the way, so that I can gain a glimpse of the greatness of Netjer,
and that my ka may be satisfied.

Purification #8
Waret-Hekau, Eye of Ra, Your stare pierces my ka;
sees deep into my ba.
Your gaze speaks my ren.
You rest on the brow of the Great God, Lord of Ma’at.
As you search me when my time comes, find no fault.
See I am True of Voice,
and share this news with my King Wesir, Great Judge of all Men.

Purification #9
O Heru-wer, He who is the Breaker of Bones!
May my offerings come from the heart.
May whatever I have be a gift to Netjer, whether physical or emotional.
If I have no bread, may I bring You my love.
If I have no beer, may I bring You my devotion.
May they be offerings to the great Names of Netjer.
May I always let god have the first taste, and then may I use these gifts of bread, beer, love, and devotion;
and share them with my brothers and sisters as well,
so that all may benefit from the presentation.
And may You, Great Hawk, always stand watchful of those who would misuse these gifts for their own selfish desires
and swoop in to retrieve them if they do.

Purification #10
O Sekhmet, I thank You for Your power of purification.
I pray that I am made pure.
Sekhmet drive out all self-pity and self-disgust.
Drive harmful self destructive thoughts from my heart.
When I look in the mirror, may I see the creation of the gods.
The sekhem of Netjer lies in my ba, and I am loved.

Purification #11
May Wesir, the eternal and final judge of all the dead,
judge in accordance to ma’at all those who harm the innocent.
May those abused and used;
find freedom, peace, and assistance from the Great King.
May His judgment stand and free the victims from their abuse.
May the Lord of Ma’at bring justice to those who harm the innocent.

Purification #12
Hail His-Face-Behind-Him, keeper of Ra’s boat,
may I always know my eyes are the windows of my ka.
May I be watchful.
May they display the truth of my heart.
May they not be used in games to ruin others or show hate.
May they be pure onto Netjer,
and remain the unstained windows to my ka.

Purification #13
Bast dispel darkness and isfet in my heart.
Eye of Ra, shrine Your light and allow no shadow to hide.
Devour all isfet and all that opposes ma’at,
and shine the light of Your beauty into it.
Watch over me, so that when the Devourer comes,
I do not allow my heart to be consumed.
Do not allow the Devourer, whom is my own reflection,
any morsel, tidbit, or crumb of my ib.
For I am strong, like Bast herself,
and I do not prey on the children of the gods.

Purification #14
Set, brother of Wesir,
who loved His brother so much that He did what no other god would or could;
please come and help me to see the lies I tell myself.
Help me to openly confront those lies.
Pierce them with Your great spear!
and let the brilliance of ma’at shine like Ra from my heart.

Purification #15
O Swallower of Blood,
when I proclaim my innocence regarding usury
when I stand before You in the halls of Two Truths,
may my truth of voice and honesty be my heka.
May I not be frightened in Your sight
for I know I will be made true of voice in that day.
And may I always do favors out of kindness without a thought for myself in this life,
and in the next.

Purification #16
Swallower of Intestines,
one who consumes Himself!
May I never take what is not mine, what someone else has worked hard for.
May I never take what is rightfully mine, what I have not worked for.
May I receive only my share, and then have the heart to share with those less fortunate.

Purification #17
Djehuty, I know I have failed in keeping secrets in the past.
My tongue is quick and spiteful.
I know my speech and voice have hurt others.
I pray I may have a skilled, patient, and thoughtful tongue.
May I think before I speak,
and may Your wisdom guide me in helping in building, not destroying.

Purification #18
Confusing One, You who renders speech meaningless,
stay far from my mouth!
I repel Your advances!
Do not allow me to speak against another, babble without meaning,
or talk just to hear my own voice.
For my words are heka, and they carry the weight of being.
What I say will become!
May my words be as elegant as the tongue of Ptah and the feather of Ma’at.

Purification #19
Shu, Goose of Iunu, please help me to not argue without reasons.
May my reasons and convictions be strong and true.
May I never seek to hurt another with my arguments.
May I always realize my anger is like the wind.
It will not last forever.
Always allow me to take a step back, regain my footing, and educate those who wish to learn.

Purification #20 and #21
The Uncreated stands ready to destroy all I hold dear.
It is watching and ready to strike and allows its vile venom to flow to my heart.
It waits for the moment.
May I be steadfast.
May I protect myself, by protecting my brother.
May I treat my neighbor with love and compassion.
When thoughts of destruction and selfishness slither into my mind,
may great Set protect me and my family, slay the Uncreated,
and restore ma’at in my heart and home.

Purification #22
Min, Bull of the Great Phallus,
grant that I am always aware of the gift and responsibility of sex.
Thank you for allowing me to share this intimate gift with the one I love.
May I always guard it like a great treasure, and share it out of sincere love.

Purification #23
Heru-wer, Lord of Terror, help those who cannot help themselves.
Those who are threatened, abused (physically and mentally),
put down, insulted, all because of who they are.
May those who are in religious groups which are intolerant of differences
and do not rejoice in diversity,
find peace from their persecutors and happiness in their lives on earth.
And may I be a vessel of that peace in any way I can,
and share my love, smile, courage, and stories and help even just one.

Purification #24
Heru, great Overthrower of Qis!
Help me to overthrow my own self-destruction.
Protect me from the lies which easily come into my mind.
Help me see them for what they are.
And when I see the results of these actions
and how they hurt the greatest of Netjer’s creation,
may I dispel them and scatter them to the four winds.
May I live in ma’at and know I am that creation.

Purification #25
O Hapi, my anger can be like a fire.
It can enrage me, engulf me.
It can spread from one source to another, consuming everything in its path,
destroying all its touches.
Hapi, may the flames of my anger not ever burn me.
May they not burn those I love.
When they attempt to burst forth,
may the waters of the Inundation quench the flames, and extinguish their power.

Purification #26
Wesir, my gracious King, Lord of Ma’at.
Help me to live faithful according to ma’at.
May my life be and echo of Yours.
May I learn from my mistakes and vow never to commit them again.
Help me to learn and grow.
Fill me with your love.
Give me the skills and knowledge to follow ma’at all the days of my life,
till I stand before You in the Hall of Two Truths,
and am found True of Voice.

Purification #27
Amun, Hidden Breeze that Brings Breath to my Ib, hear my prayer.
May your light shine from my heart to all those who suffer.
Destroy the power of isfet in all our lives and let ma’at prevail always.
Help me never to be an agent of the Uncreated.
Let no suffering ever come from my actions, my voice, my mind, or my inaction. Enlighten my heart Amun,
and create in me that spirit of compassion which destroys all suffering.

Purification #28
Ma’at, Lady of Purity.
May my lips remain pure.
May my tongue remain pure.
May my mouth remain pure.
May my voice remain pure.
Allow my words to create, never destroy.
For my voice is my heka,
my words are my heka,
my thoughts are my heka,
and my intent is my heka.

Purification #29
Set, Lord of the Desert, protect me from harm, both physical and mental.
Help me not to be frightened of your power,
but instead to rely on the knowledge that you would not harm me.
You see what I cannot, and I trust in you.

Purification #30
Heru, Lord of Faces, teach me patience.
Take my fears and anxieties about what is to come, and help me to see what is now. Today is zep-tepi, tomorrow is its own.
Today I will slow down, and listen to my heart.
May it speak to me, and open me to this day and the blessings in it.

Purification #31
Heka, word of life,
may I never place the seeds of destruction in the ears of my brothers and sisters.
May I only create and bring ma’at.
May my words, actions, and intent always help, never harm, and become.

Purification #32
Wepwawet, my voice is the path of creation and destruction.
Whatever I issue from it can be the heka of ma’at or isfet.
May I ever speak with love, compassion, empathy, support, and wisdom.
May my words not harm any of those I love, but only bring us together and not separate.

Purification #33
Nefertem, Lily of the Sun,
Take all that disguises my true self and wash it clean from my face.
Wash my eyes O Beautiful Youth with your healing hands and help me to see myself as You see me.
For I am pure, my ka is pure, and I am a child of Netjer.

Purification #34
Wesir, Lord of Djedu, Judge for whom all things are clear.
May my tongue never curse your office.
May my speech always speak of its’ praises.
May my tongue never be silent in the face of oppression and abuses of power.
May I speak out.
When I come and kneel before during my journey,
may all I have said and done, all I have not done or said, be expected and true.
May I be vindicated in the Hall of the Ma’ati, the place of Two Truths, and find home in the Field of Reeds.


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