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Purification #26 Prayer


Purification #26
Wesir, my gracious King, Lord of Ma’at.
Help me to live faithful according to ma’at.
May my life be and echo of Yours.
May I learn from my mistakes and vow never to commit them again.
Help me to learn and grow.
Fill me with your love.
Give me the skills and knowledge to follow ma’at all the days of my life,
till I stand before You in the Hall of Two Truths,
and am found True of Voice.


Purification #11 Prayer

osiris judgement

May Wesir, the eternal and final judge of all the dead,
judge in accordance to ma’at all those who harm the innocent.
May those abused and used;
find freedom, peace, and assistance from the Great King.
May His judgment stand and free the victims from their abuse.
May the Lord of Ma’at bring justice to those who harm the innocent.


A quick message I received tonight.

Look at a lit candle in a dark room. See the flame shine and flicker. In a way the flame represents an akh. In the Seen world we can see that person, touch them, smell them, and see that light flicker in their eyes. However once they travel to the Unseen we do not see them as clearly.

Now that a white piece of cloth and look through it at the candle. While you can still see the light, it becomes blurred. In fact it looks like a star shining in the night sky. This is the veil of the Unseen. The light is still there, just not as clear. So are the akhu. Sometimes it just our perceptions that change.

SWM Searching for Spirituality


I recently attended Pantheacon in San Jose, CA ( Pantheacon is a large pagan gathering filled with 3 days of workshops, hospitality rooms, fellowship, merchandise, and the occasional bizarreness, well maybe a little more than occasional. People are very excited to be there and revel in their uniqueness. The big names in paganism attend as well which helps to attract large amounts of people.

I attended the event with my Sosyete, Fos Fe Yo We.  We honored the lwa, Danbala in a mini-sevis. Our Mami, Mambo T, presented a lecture on Vodou. I also assisted at a ritual dedicated to the ancestors and honoring Wesir. I also attended several other workshops, such as an introduction to Santeria, ritual in honor of Freyr, and an oracular seidh. I got a nice eclectic mix of practices I observed and have a better understanding of them.

One thing I did notice while I was at Pantheacon is the specific topic of this blog. I know this is true of so many, but there seems to be a thirst there – a deep need for something more. They are seeking something outside of themselves to fulfill this need and thirst. Many still do not know what it is, some have an idea. I intellectual know and understand this, but once the profound numbers of these people hit my mind it made me realize something very, very important about myself.

I am extremely lucky.

You see, I am at a place spiritually where I am happy and content. I know what I believe, I understand my place in the world as a spiritual being, and I am comfortable in my practices. I am in a good place. I am not saying this to gloat and declare I am spiritually beyond others. What I am saying is, sometimes it is okay and right to just be where you are at, and be that completely.

I recently spoke to a dear spiritual sister about our work we dedicate to our gods. She was speaking about sometimes not feeling her mother’s presence and worries about this. This is a very valid concern for many. I spoke to her about my own similar experiences. Sometimes it is hard to go through a spiritual routine when we feel like we are not getting anything out of it.

We all seek that spiritual high, that ecstatic state of divine union.  It’s a good feeling isn’t it? Knowing God is there so completely and that He wants to be with you. It is awesome! Unfortunately if we continue to always seek the highs, just like with real drugs we start to build a tolerance. We need new and better highs. We need the latest thing. This I think is part of the issue with these individuals seeking something and not knowing what they are looking for. It can best be summed up by the song from U2:

“I have kissed honey lips
Felt the healing in her fingertips
It burned like fire
This burning desire
I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone
But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”

Take a moment. Look where you are at spiritually. You are in a good place. You know where you are. Sometimes even your spiritual life can be mundane. The Catholic saint, Theresa of Lisieux, approached god like this. She was a small nun living in a small convent with the great desire to become a saint. She knew she would never be able to match the heroics of St Joan of Arc or be like the martyrs, so she chose to find God in the small and mundane. She did this by listening to her superiors, cleaning the choir loft, assisting the elderly nuns, and loving everyone like they were God. She did this by accepting who she was and where she was in life. By doing this, in the end she rose to great heights and was able to accomplish what she wanted.

We are not all saints, many of us not even close. But we can find meaning in who we are and what are relationship with the divine is right now. After all that is what spirituality is. It is an understanding of who we are and how this interacts with the Divine. Each one of us has the spark of God. It is what gives us life. Embrace it and find comfort in it

You don’t have to move mountains. It is okay just to sit there and gaze on the beauty and be present.

10. Beliefs: Ma’at

First I would like to apologize for the sporadic posts. Life outside blog-land has taken a hold of me. But I would like to continue where I left off.


We Kemetics talk about it all the time, but just what is it? What do we mean we when are saying we are living in ma’at? What do we mean when we say may ma’at prevail? But before we decide what these statements mean, we have to figure out ma’at.

Ma’at is a name of Netjer, and represents the ultimate representation of ma’at (the concept). I think most of the times we tend to think of ma’at and being equal to morality, but this is Western thinking easing in. Ma’at does not have a moral compass doing what is right and what is wrong. It is a force bringing things back to the way they were at the First Time. It is a perfect state of being, which acts on gods, mankind, spirits, and all world events in the Seen and Unseen. It is not a beginning. It is not an end. It is more of a middle place where all things flow to and from.

When I first started along the Kemetic path I was deeply entwined with the philosophy of ma’at being a moral compass. It was justice. It was truth. It was what is right. And while all these things are in some form correct, it is so much more than that, yet many people cannot see beyond this, because sometimes ma’at slaps you in the face. Sometimes it is a wakeup call. Sometimes it is just annoying.

As a priest I bring ma’at daily to Netjer in the form of my father, Wesir-Sokar. I offer it to the gods on behalf of the King and the Nation of Kemet. I pray and give the perfection of the First Time and in essence allow Zep Tepi to begin daily. It is an awesome and humbling service. One that I never take lightly and I do for the love of Netjer and my community.

To live in ma’at from this perspective is to spend every moment of the day allowing ma’at to work on us, and not fighting against it. It is similar to the “mindfulness” lessons popular in new age and eastern mysticism. It is living each moment of each day with intention. Everything we do has reason and meaning, even the most minuscule of actions.

As for the statement of ma’at prevailing…I have personally never had much use for this sort of statement. It is similar to me when people talk about karma coming back, universe revenge, or similar things. If anyone has some insight into this please leave comments. Maybe I am just coming from an uninformed standpoint.

My understanding of ma’at is much better now than back when I was a novice Kemetic, and it continues to grow. Today ma’at is an acceptance of who I am in all my flaws, insecurities, and actions.  Tomorrow it may be something different, but that is the beauty of ma’at. Every day you exam it is Zep Tepi. You find something new and perfect each time. They can contradict each other, and it still is ma’at.

“Ma’at, Feather of Truth, Lady of Justice, may my heart not be heavy.
Let it not crash to the ground from the weight of isfet.
May my heart not obliterate the scales and let the Uncreated prevail.
May my heart not be so light to fly off the scale into Ammit’s mouth.
May my heart be even with the scales of justice.
May my heart be balanced like the essence of the goddess herself,
so that I may be True of Voice before the tribunal of the gods.”

– Raheriwesir

Aset Luminous

Image Tonight I sit at Tawy House across from the shrine dedicated to the god Djehuty. This evening we celebrated the festival of Aset Luminous. The last few days the weather has been about 100 degrees every day, and the humidity hasn’t been much better. However tonight we were blessed by the gods with a temperature drop of about 25 degrees. It is very nice right now.

We made several boats with prayers written on them, placed candles in them and floated them in a pool of water. We sang songs to Aset, gave offerings, and shared those together. Her icon was brought outside in procession to see the neighborhood and the gifts she had been given.

Aset Luminous is a festival unlike others in our faith. In fact, Bu said it was her favorite festival (I think the fire and boats have something to do with it). Our prayers are placed on water, so that they can be carried to Aset. Some asked for healing, some asked for change, and others asked for protection. Aset is petitioned. We petition her with lights to shine in the night. I just went and looked out the window and can see the lights still burning in the pool now. They shine in the darkness, our prayers, continuing asking the great goddess for the help we need.

May the mother of Heru, wife of Wesir, always bless us. May the lady who is great of magic share that divine gift with us and answer our prayers. For Aset is mighty and can do anything.

I Akhet 24: Feast of Wesir

“Hail, O Wesir, Foremost of Westerners, on this beautiful day when You appear!
May You be well pleased with me today.
May You drive off my illnesses;
May You hear when I call;
May You come forth due to all good things that I say to You today.”

-Source unknown at this time