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Aset Luminous

Image Tonight I sit at Tawy House across from the shrine dedicated to the god Djehuty. This evening we celebrated the festival of Aset Luminous. The last few days the weather has been about 100 degrees every day, and the humidity hasn’t been much better. However tonight we were blessed by the gods with a temperature drop of about 25 degrees. It is very nice right now.

We made several boats with prayers written on them, placed candles in them and floated them in a pool of water. We sang songs to Aset, gave offerings, and shared those together. Her icon was brought outside in procession to see the neighborhood and the gifts she had been given.

Aset Luminous is a festival unlike others in our faith. In fact, Bu said it was her favorite festival (I think the fire and boats have something to do with it). Our prayers are placed on water, so that they can be carried to Aset. Some asked for healing, some asked for change, and others asked for protection. Aset is petitioned. We petition her with lights to shine in the night. I just went and looked out the window and can see the lights still burning in the pool now. They shine in the darkness, our prayers, continuing asking the great goddess for the help we need.

May the mother of Heru, wife of Wesir, always bless us. May the lady who is great of magic share that divine gift with us and answer our prayers. For Aset is mighty and can do anything.