Mysteries of Wesir: Day 7

Today is the last of the days during the Mysteries of Wesir. Today celebrates the Raising of the Djed. The djed pillar has much symbology and associated heka. Djed is the Kemetic word for “stability” or “endurance.” It is sometimes called the backbone of Wesir, and represents Him and His kingship. The djed amulet is a protective device bringing peace and stability to its wearer. The ceremonies celebrated this day honored the greatness and everlastingness of Wesir as Lord of Amenti. When the djed was lifted up from a laying position, it represented the new life and kingship of Wesir.

I have a close connection with the djed. I wear one around my neck frequently as I reminder of my father, and for the heka involved in helping to be more peaceful and stabile in my moods and interactions with others. I know that I can endure all hardships with Wesir. I also have a small djed sitting in the State Shrine, on top of the naos, given to me from a special Shemsu. It reminds me of what is housed within that naos, and what this shrine represents.

I often hear how people avoid Wesir. He’s scary, weird, different, or alien. I think that when we refer to Him (or any god for that matter) with such terms, it says something about us. These are our feelings we are projecting onto Him, whether it is our own feelings on death, the ancestors, or dealing with our own interior thoughts. Wesir is silence, and being happy and content in that silence. He wants you to tune out everything, and slow down. Stop, listen to your heart slowly beat. Listen to your breathing slowly decrease. He is in those moments. He wants you to experience that eternity, those moments of His presence. Just stop and be. Experience the Lord of Silence. He will talk to you in the whispers of the silence.

I would like to thank everyone for joining me in these mediations on the Good God. I thank Him for asking me to do this and helping His story to be heard. If just one person was able to experience these Mysteries and have realizations on their meaning in their life, then this blog was successful.

Dua Wesir! Dua Sokar!



About Raheri

Greetings everyone! I thought I would give you all a little information about myself. In secular life my name is Matt, and I am a 40-something man living in the Midwest. I am a registered nurse by trade and am working on completing my doctoral degree. Because of this I may not be regular at updating this blog, but I will try. I enjoy traveling, cleaning, and playing with my pug Winston. I am a member of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith. My Shemsu name is Raheriwesir. I am a previous w'ab priest of Wesir (Osiris) and have been affiliated with the House since about 2007. A w’ab priest is a priest who tends a shrine to one of the Names of Netjer. I am also currently an ordained reverend in the faith. I am also a practicing vodouisant, initiated as a Hounsi senp. I am continuing to learn about the role of the Haitian spirits in my life and why they want to hang around me. View all posts by Raheri

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