Mysteries of Wesir: Day 2

Tonight we celebrate the Night of the Death of the Good God, Wesir.

He no longer stands, now He lies. In my morning devotions today, I took His icon and laid it down in a wooden box. There He rested, peacefully, His two sisters overlooking His bed. And I heard the words again in my head, God is dead.

Wesir is often called the Lord of Silence. He is a quiet god, speaking only when needing to. His words are carefully chosen and each carrying a multitude of meaning. Often I have thought He appears like this in the Seen World because He is so far away. He resides where gods do not go. While many of the gods interact with us from the Seen and Unseen worlds, Wesir is just a little further away. He resides with the Blessed Akhu in the Land of the Dead. Unlike the rest of the gods, He is dead.

Think about it, death that is. When someone dies, they are ripped away from us. One moment they are there, a part of our life, and the next moment they are gone, never to return. Death is so quick and frightening. It can happen anytime to anyone. My mother could die today. My best friend could die today. My dog could die today. I could die today.

Death comes to everyone, even the gods. Wesir was brave enough to enter into the clutches of death. Even as a god He had no idea what was going to happen. He did not run from it, but He confronted death. He did not confront it in any attempt to overcome death and to destroy it. He confronted death so that He could be with His people, and that they would have a king, and never be alone. They would never be separated from the gods. They would never be separated from their loved ones.

Tonight is a solemn quiet night. The house and neighborhood are eerily quiet. Silence can be deafening for some. Find that silence tonight and listen. His wisdom is there. He speaks there in whispers.

As I read the Lamentations tonight, I wish to share in the sadness of the Two Sisters. I share in their pain. I too know what it is like to have someone I loved ripped away from. I know what it is like not to tell them how you really feel about them. I too know that great emptiness which we are left with. Part of us die as well, and we are changed forver.


About Raheri

Greetings everyone! I thought I would give you all a little information about myself. In secular life my name is Matt, and I am a 40-something man living in the Midwest. I am a registered nurse by trade and am working on completing my doctoral degree. Because of this I may not be regular at updating this blog, but I will try. I enjoy traveling, cleaning, and playing with my pug Winston. I am a member of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith. My Shemsu name is Raheriwesir. I am a previous w'ab priest of Wesir (Osiris) and have been affiliated with the House since about 2007. A w’ab priest is a priest who tends a shrine to one of the Names of Netjer. I am also currently an ordained reverend in the faith. I am also a practicing vodouisant, initiated as a Hounsi senp. I am continuing to learn about the role of the Haitian spirits in my life and why they want to hang around me. View all posts by Raheri

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