4. Beliefs: Cosmology

I believe the universe is made up between two worlds: the Seen and Unseen.  The Seen world is the everyday world all of us are so familiar with. The one in which we live and function. The one in which we have a job, make money, and make our car payment. It is the world with our friends and family. It is the world we explore through the Hubble Telescope and with Voyager. It is the known universe filled with quasars, black holes, stars, supernovas, and galaxies. It is also called nety ra shenu and it is the place where all of us live. But underneath and hidden is another world, the Unseen.

The Unseen world is the world of the gods. It is the land of spirits, the dead, and other unimaginable things. The Unseen world is an abstract world. We cannot comprehend it with our senses. It is similar to the Seen. It is a place. It has locations. It has a population. The Ancients call this world the Duat.

It is believed that the entrance to the Duat is the horizon in the West. When the sun sets in the West the gate becomes open for the spirits to return to their home. In the Unseen live the Ancestors, those family members and friends who have died in the Seen world and who still live in the Unseen. Another gateway to the Unseen is through our own dreams. As we sleep a part of us can travel there and receive instructions from gods, spirits, and ancestors. In fact every living thing in the Seen world has a counterpart in the Unseen. Part of us exists here as it exists there.

In many mythologies, other worlds are literally in another place and have a specific location. However the Seen and Unseen operate a little differently. They both exist at the same time in the same place right now. As I sit here typing this in the Seen World, lying overtop of this in the Unseen. History is happening overtop of this, such as a cow from 25 years ago may be grazing in my living room. Are you confused? Let me explain.

First, the Unseen is not linear in time. All times exist at the same time in the Unseen. Albert Einstein said it best, “this distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion.” Stephen Hawkins explains it a little differently, “I still believe the universe has a beginning in real time at the big bang. But there’s another kind of time, imaginary time, at right angles to real time, in which the universe has no beginning or end.” Even the Bible explains this concept in Ecclesiastes 1:9-14. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new?” It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.” Alan Watts shares this wisdom, “I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.”

 Second, the Unseen isn’t somewhere out there. It is here right now. It exists simultaneously with the Seen. For example, do you remember those overhead projectors from school? The teacher would write on the transparencies and it would project on the screen behind them. Well, that is kind of how the Seen and Unseen interact. The Seen is the projector. We can see it and react to it. The Unseen is the transparency. It is written on by someone else and can appear to be seen but with a quick swipe of a tissue, our view of it is blank again. The two worlds are layered. Both existing in the same space and time, and this is how they interact. This is how our gods, ancestors, and sprits can hear our prayers and petitions. They are here right now, not somewhere far away. Those loved ones who died. They are here right now, living.

 Sometimes we can catch a glimpse of the Unseen with our senses. Many people have a “6th Sense” which enables them to interact more frequently with the Unseen. Some people get to interact less frequently, but the point is we all can. You know that glimpse you those you saw in the corner of your vision, that is the Unseen manifesting in the Seen. We all have the potential. There are places, people, and times when the veil between the worlds is thin, when the Unseen can more easily interact with the Seen.

 In previous posts I have discussed some of my experiences with the Unseen, and I may touch on them again in the future. I find this occurs because of my gods, spirits, and experiences I have had. Take a moment to mediate on the Unseen. Allow it to manifest to you this day. Say hello to someone you miss dearly. Take comfort in knowing god is there right now. We are never alone in this universe. We travel in the company of many.