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3. History: Why I Chose Kemetic Orthodoxy

I first became associated with the Egyptian pantheon back in my Wiccan days. Before I got to know the Egyptian gods I have previously focuses on Christian-Wicca, worshipped Diana (Stregheria), and mingled in some Celtic (Irish & Scottish) mythology. This all changed and became a focus when Isis came crashing through the door!

It all started with a dream. In this dream there was beautiful woman, wearing a golden-feathered dress, with a vulture on Her head. She was surrounded by darkness, and slowly walked to me. She then spread Her arms and they had golden wings. She whispered to me, “Find me.” She then disappeared and I awoke. After some study in book son Wicca, I discovered that this was Isis. I immediately began to start devotion to Her in my Wiccan practice. Through Her, I started to learn more about Egypt and I discovered Her husband, Osiris.

Being Wiccan I began to incorporate Kemeticism into my practice. Unfortunately we know what little information there is on Tamaran Wicca. While doing an online search I came across the website I was taken aback by there actually being a group that practiced the old religion and thought at first it was an Afrocentric organization. Plus it didn’t really have what I was looking for, a merging of Wicca and Kemeticism.

Well time moved on, and people change. I stopped practicing this path. Other spiritual systems came and went. I was going through some personal issues and was looking for a way that I could help myself. I moved away from needing gods or goddesses, and decided to look within for help. I started learning more about Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, and finding ways to control my anger (which was directly basically at everything). But something kept pulling me back. The dream would repeat, “Find me.” She would motion for me to come. I went back to the website. Read the information actually presented. But I wasn’t sure. Is this real? Do the gods exist? Who are these people?

My boyfriend Josh and I got tickets to see the Tutankhamun Exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago in the fall of 2006. Knowing I may never get to see something like this again, I jumped at the chance because of my love for Egypt. I walked along the exhibits, seeing statues, artifacts, and personal items from the tombs. It was very meditative. I contemplated. Is this for me? Is this the way? Do the gods live? As I was walking in one of the rooms, I heard a voice. There were lots of voices in the crowd, but this one pierced straight into my soul. I do not remember what it said, but our eyes met. I walked across the room to a mask of glistening gold. Her eyes were beautiful. It was the death mask of Tuya. She radiated with joy. You could still see the fabric placed over the mask stuck from the resins. She had a smile on her face. She knew something I didn’t. She was not as dead as everyone in this room thought. She was alive. She knew the secret. And she was filled with joy.

After that experience I went home, but not alone. Tjuyu came with me and is still has a prominent place in my Akhu shrine. After the trip I sent in my beginner’s application to the House of Netjer. Several months later the classes started and I found my home. My experiences have grown and so have I as an individual. As I have gone through the rites of passage, I have experienced things I never would have. I have found comfort and peace. May Netjer bring this same comfort and peace to everyone who crosses our doorsteps, and may we always be a reflection of them.



I looked at the calendar today and realized it is my 4 year diviniversary of the Rite of Parent Divination (RPD). Four years ago today, I logged into Yahoo Messenger and spoke with Hemet (AUS) regarding who my gods were. It seems so much longer than that. I was actually a remetj for several months before deciding to complete the RPD. Four years ago I was officially divined a son of Wesir-Sokar, and beloved of Nut and Djehuty.


RPD did not surprise me. It only confirmed what already knew. The clouds didn’t open up and the gods didn’t shine light on my head, but this day does have meaning.


Tonight I went in to shrine, and did senut, and just simply sat there with my father. I thanked Him for giving me a home in this faith. I thanked Him for my brothers and sisters in the faith, which give it life. I thanked Him for giving me a sense of belonging I have never had anywhere else.


I am blessed to share this special day with two very lovely sisters in the faith. I pray they are always blessed by the memory of this day as well. I am very blessed to have been led here and have a home. I thank the gods, the Nisut (AUS), the priests, the shemsu, and the remetj who have shared this journey with me.


It may just be a number on a calendar. It may just be someone saying what I already knew, but it is meaningful. It is a remembrance of the day I decided to follow Him. I decided to be His shemsu, and allow Him to lead me. Wesir is the master.