Wag Festival, Day 1, Morning

Happy Wag Festival to everyone!

Today is a day when we celebrate our ancestors. We celebrate the people whom we have loved that have left this world and moved on to the Unseen. In ancient times the people of Egypt would make pilgrimage to the cemeteries and necropolis to visit their loved ones. They would leave offerings, prayers, and spend time with those who are missed. It was a great celebration of the meaning of what family is, and how death cannot destroy it.

This morning I woke up with excitement in my heart. As I took the dog out for his morning walk, my senses were so acutely aware. I heard the neighborhood owl hooting rhythmically. I saw the spiders living in the shed glisten off their intricate cobwebs, mystical road maps of the Unseen. I heard the locusts humming in unison voice. The breeze was pure, the temperature mild, and the sun shined with the newness of Khepera. The world was becoming. Zep Tepi has occurred again. Today was a new day, the first of remembering those who I miss so much. As I walked down the street, tears began filling my eyes. The tears occurred partly for missing them,and  partially for knowing the feast that is happening today in Amenti. I sang the beautiful Akhu song wrote by my fellow shemsu, Shemembast. Everything is right today.

Shortly I will begin purifications and start the State Ritual. Today I will read 350 names of ancestors belonging to the Shemsu and Remetj of  Nation of Kemet. There names will remain with Wesir their King.

“To the West, to the West, to the West, to the West,
The Beautiful Mistress of the Horizon embraces you
The Lady of the Life of the Two Lands protects you
The Noble Woman of the House greets you
The sun falls behind your back as you step past the Limit

“The scales are level
The Scribe and the Royal Son regard you
Your unique heart does not speak against you
The feather is measured true
Ma’at is set right.

“You are justified.

“You are the Wesir,
Shining as gold.
Offerings of bread, and beer, and all good things
Are placed before you a thousand times a thousand times a thousand times.

“Your name is warm in the hearts of those who loved you
Your cares lie outcast
Your troubles are forgotten.

“Beloved, Beloved, Beloved, Beloved,
Your father, the Hidden One, in His Name of Ra, in His Name of Wesir,
Draws you to His side.
You are dressed in the finest raiment.
Your ba is satisfied.
Your ka is content.

“You are justified.

“You are welcome.

-Prayer by Merybast

Dua Akhu! Dua Wesir! Dua Nut! Dua Nebt-het! Dua Yinepu! Dua Djehuty! Nekhtet!


About Raheri

Greetings everyone! I thought I would give you all a little information about myself. In secular life my name is Matt, and I am a 40-something man living in the Midwest. I am a registered nurse by trade and am working on completing my doctoral degree. Because of this I may not be regular at updating this blog, but I will try. I enjoy traveling, cleaning, and playing with my pug Winston. I am a member of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith. My Shemsu name is Raheriwesir. I am a previous w'ab priest of Wesir (Osiris) and have been affiliated with the House since about 2007. A w’ab priest is a priest who tends a shrine to one of the Names of Netjer. I am also currently an ordained reverend in the faith. I am also a practicing vodouisant, initiated as a Hounsi senp. I am continuing to learn about the role of the Haitian spirits in my life and why they want to hang around me. View all posts by Raheri

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