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#1: Introduction (Kemetic Orthodoxy, Haitian Vodou, & Freemasonry)

So I decided to finally start following this outline that I put forth. I thought about skipping this section, but decided instead to discuss each of these things in a little more detail. Most will be saved for their perspective parts in the outline, and I may adjust the outline as I travel further down this road. I really just want to see where I am going with this, because right now I just have no idea where I am going to wind up. I just want to take the walk.

Kemetic Orthodoxy

Kemetic Orthodoxy has been my primary path since early 2007 when I joined the Beginner’s class. Before then, I lurked at the forums reading up on the faith and peoples perceptions of the faith. After the ending of the class I decided to become a remetj and stay with the temple, and get to know its people. In September of 2007 I had my rite of parent divination and became a shemsu at that time. About a month later I was named, Raheriwesir. I have the advantage of living close to the temple (about 250 miles) and get to travel there frequently for events. This was a major point for me in joining the faith, because I sought out fellowship with other believers over doing my own thing. I am blessed to have attended 3 retreats, numerous work studies/weekends, and meet-ups outside of Joliet itself.

Last year (2010) at retreat, I was made a w’ab priest of my father, the good king, Wesir (also known as Osiris,  Asar, Ausar), by the Nisut of Kemetic Orthodoxy, Tamara Siuda.  A w’ab priest is a ritual technician, concerned with performance of rituals according to ritual design and maintenance of purity in the ritual setting. I perform the Rite of the House of the Morning daily for my god, to feed Him with ma’at, and to receive ma’at back for the benefit of our nation of Kemet.

I will discuss Kemetic Orthodoxy in more detail further on in this blog, since it is such a huge part of my life, and colors my worldviews.

Haitian Vodou

I am a hounsi senp in a Vodou house located in Chicago, under the direction of Mambo Chitta Tann. It is a house with both asson and non-asson lineages. In September of 2010, I traveled to Long Island, NY and went into the djevo, to become closer to the spirits and learn how to serve them more effectively.  I am fascinated with the spirits and they frequently make themselves known in my life in interesting ways. I hope to share some of those on this blog as well. What I love about vodou is that, in our house, we are a family. We support each other, raise each other up, and are there for each other. They are my brothers and sisters. I hope to get to travel to Haiti soon, get to meet family there, and join in the rituals.

My vodou spirits, no matter how separate I keep them from my Kemetic gods, seems to flow into my Kemetic faith. I have several spirits I serve and keep a few altars for them. I generally work with them everyday in some way. I see them as spirits that serve the gods in their various aspects and it works well with my faith.


“Freemasonry is not a secret society. It is a society with secrets.”

I joined Freemasonry at the beginning of 2010 initiated as a entered apprentice. About 3 months later I was brought into the Fellowcraft. In early 2011 I was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. I am a member of Herman Lodge #39 of the A.F. and A.M. Grand Lodge of Illinois. I am still very green in the Blue Lodge. Unfortunately because of commitments this semester with school, I am unable to attend the meetings. I do plan on joined the Scottish Rite Freemasonry of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, and receiving my 32 degree.


So why did I put this category here that doesn’t seem to go with the others? Because nursing is a major portion of my life. Being a nurse is more than a job; it is part of who you are as an individual and guides you daily. You can take the nurse out of the hospital, but they still are a nurse.

I graduted from Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2002, and became licensed by the State of Illinois as a registered professional nurse. I am also licensed in Missouri as well. I have 12 years of nursing experience and have worked in child/adolescent inpatient psychiatry, adult inpatient psychitary, inpatient substance abuse programs, pediatric, medical/surgical, nursery, intensive care unit, long-term care, and administration. Currently I am an assistant director of nursing/psychiatric nurse in a 205-bed long-term care facility with dedicated chronic mental illness wards. We are funded by Medicaid and take a lot of patient many long-term care facilities wont, but these people need care as well.

I started to work on obtaining a Master’s of Science in Nursing in 2011. I am currently finding it challenging and know I will do well. It is a lot of work, but I thrive on being busy. I am currently focusing on nursing education, because I would love to teach future nurses. I seem to have a way of bringing difficult subject matter don to Earth, and helping people understand complex subjects. Plus I love doing it. I plan to go further, by complete my doctorate and getting certified as a family psychiatric nurse practitioner. But we will see if after this Masters program if I will change my mind.

I hope this gives some insight into who I am, and what to expect out of this blog, and that you enjoyed reading it.




Dream Interpretation

I have seemed to acquire the title of dream interpreter at work. Not sure how I got it, or even if I want it, but I have coworkers coming to me to help them understand their dreams. I am pretty good at symbology and have experience in mental health, so maybe I do have some insight. I am far from an expert, but so far I guess I have helped people. They do keep coming back.

Today was a relatively interesting situation. A coworker came in, and talked with me about her dream. Usually I can discuss the subconscious and what their brain is trying to tell them. But this time, it was not the brain. It was the world of spirit. I don’t want to discuss the particulars of her dream, it is her business and I want her to have privacy, but I am not sure what is going on. I have had similar dreams in the past like hers, so I gave her some advice, and told her if it doesn’t work she may need more advanced spiritual help.

I usually do not share my faith at work. After all I like in a small Midwestern town and am a priest in an ancient revival of the Egyptian religion and initiated vodouisant. Not something you want to go screaming from the rooftops if you ever want a better job in the future. But I felt very comfortable doing this. It felt good to offer her some small glimmer of hope and ease to know that there are things she can do to remedy the situation. So maybe I can be a little more “out.” Just like coming out is different today than it was when I was a teenager, so maybe is a spiritual coming out different as well. Am I going to start shouting out and blaring my faith for the whole world to see? No but I am not going to talk in circles if they do. I think I will just answer the questions. This may not be the brightest idea I have ever had, but I think I can live with it. I do have faith in those people I know.