So it has been a while since I posted here and thought I would re-introduce myself. I would like this journal to have a spiritual focus and help it stay on that course. It will be my thoughts and musings on my spiritual life and in no way reflects the attitudes of the organizations I am a member of.

First off I am a 30-something gay man living in Western Illinois. I live with my boyfriend of almost 6 years, and we have a 2 year old pug. His name is Roscoe, and he is super cute. I work as a registered nurse by profession. Currently I am the assistant director of nursing at a 210 bed long term care facility.

I am a Freemason. I began my journey late last year, and right now have my 2nd degree Fellowcraft. I am part of a Lodge with a long history and resides in a beautiful temple. I decided to join Masonry because I wanted fellowship with men of like mind, wanting to build character and morality, and be outstanding members of society.

I am a member of the House of Netjer of the Kemetic Orthodox faith. I have been with the House since 2007, and currently am a relativley new w’ab priest of Wesir. A w’ab priest is a priest who tends a shrine to one of the Names of Netjer. This one being dedicated to my spiritual father, Wesir (known in Greek as Osiris).

I am also a Vodouisant and hounsi senp in a vodou house in Chicago. My vodou spirits, no matter how seperate I keep them from my Kemetic gods, seems to flow into my Kemetic faith. I have several spirits I serve and keep a few altars for them. I generally work with them everyday in some way. I see them as spirits that serve the gods in their various aspects and it works well with my faith.

I think this is enought for starters. Soon I will start discussing other insights and thoughts I have been having. So if anyone reads this…enjoy!


About Raheri

Greetings everyone! I thought I would give you all a little information about myself. In secular life my name is Matt, and I am a 40-something man living in the Midwest. I am a registered nurse by trade and am working on completing my doctoral degree. Because of this I may not be regular at updating this blog, but I will try. I enjoy traveling, cleaning, and playing with my pug Winston. I am a member of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith. My Shemsu name is Raheriwesir. I am a previous w'ab priest of Wesir (Osiris) and have been affiliated with the House since about 2007. A w’ab priest is a priest who tends a shrine to one of the Names of Netjer. I am also currently an ordained reverend in the faith. I am also a practicing vodouisant, initiated as a Hounsi senp. I am continuing to learn about the role of the Haitian spirits in my life and why they want to hang around me. View all posts by Raheri

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