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So a lot of people are going to read this and think, “Man Matt has gone off the rocker,” but I don’t really care. What I am referring too is the dead. I seem to have a connection with them that most people don’t. I am not saying I am a medium or I channel spirits. What I am saying is that what I have experienced is similar to what Haley Joel Osment said in The Sixth Sense; “I see dead people.”


Let me explain a little. I believe in an afterlife and I believe that the dead can communicate with us in this life. They have an interest in out affairs and want us to be healthy, happy, and prosperous. I refer to the dead as the Akhu. The Akhu are our ancestors; those family members which lived before us and are now gone from the Seen World and become transfigured. We all have Akhu. My personal Akhu are my Grandmother Lola, my Grandfather William, my Uncle Gary, and all other going back to the beginning of time and the genesis of man.


So do I see these people in my living room? No, but I do have a strange connection which confuses me at times. I have had divinations in the past were the person reading has told me I have a close connection to the dead. This is the result of narrowly escaping death in my life. This has happened on more than one occasion. Because of this experience I have been touched by the Akhu and have a link to them.


Back in my childhood, when I was about 7 or 8 I was hit by a car in front of my house. I was returning home after a church event. The bus dropped me off in front of my house. I got off the bus and walked across the street when suddenly a car moving very fast hit me. I was struck on the left side and flew several feet across the asphalt and finally landed on the street. Immediately I jumped up and ran into the house. I ran pass my brother and to my father and woke him from his nap to tell him what happened. He went outside and dealt with the driver of the car while I sat in the house. I broke no bones. I had no scrapes, or bruises. I had come through this event a very lucky boy without injury.


After this happened, is when I started hearing and seeing people other didn’t. I heard voices in my house of people talking when no one was there. I saw a woman in a white dress on multiple occasions living in that house with us. I saw people in the corner of my ear that disappeared when I looked for them. Never did any try to talk to me. They mostly just looked, some with sadness, others with smiles. They have never tried to hurt me. I have never been frightened of them. On occasion they have startles me, but I have never felt that they were sinister, because they are dead.


This has gone on for a long time. Frequently I dream about the dead. In my dreams they speak with me. It is here where I get to know them, and they learn about me. To this day I still see them at times. Sometimes they are in a corner of my room in my house. I have seen them at the cemetery, movie theater, churches, social events. I don’t believe these are random sprits looking to chit chat with me. I believe all these people I have seen are members of my family. They are just there to be with me and to help me when I need it.

They are interested in my life and want to help me.


As part of my spiritual practice I keep an ancestral altar in my house. On this altar are pictures of my loved ones, a book with my ancestor’s names, and some statues of Netjer associated with the Land of the Dead. It is here were I communicate with them. I talk with them about what is going on, and ask for help in matters of my life. I believe they hear me, and have the means to help me. Sometimes I see there faces in the incense rising up to Nut. Sometimes I see an image in my head of them all living in Amenti.


I don’t think I am schizophrenic nor had a psychotic break as a child. I do believe I have been touched by my ancestors for a reason. It isn’t some global mission to save the world either. I am touched by them because they know I need them. I need their help, support, and listening ears when I need to talk. They don’t judge me, they just give me the unconditional love I need from family.


O You Who are high in the stars,

You shall never die.


            – The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook, Tamara Siuda



In Senut tonight, Father reminded me of an important teaching. Life is not meant as some journey through unhappiness until we die. If we continually look to death as being liberation and a finding of true happiness, we will miss something. Happiness can be found in the now. It can be found in each and every moment of the day. I don’t have to wait for happiness to happen; it is already with me. I just need to learn to recognize it.